Past Concerts

Dampfzentrale Bern (CH), El Beledia Burgdorf (CH), Zosch Berlin (DE), Chekov Cottbus (DE), Auditorium Bern (CH)

CHINZILLA is a new electronic dance-project featuring three live musicians. Hand-grabbing grooves and floating spheres are interchanging and invite you to a musical journey of the psychedelic kind. Light and sound interact, fog and projections warp the frontiers of perception.

Founded in 2017 originating in the environment of the Hochschule der Künste, Bern (Art College Bern) put together by the Berlin-originating trombone player and composer Josephine Nagorsnik this project crosses borders of installation, live-performance, concert and multimedia dance-experiment.

Josephine Nagorsnik - tb, voc, electronics, concept
Timothée Giddey - e-b, electronics
Baptiste Maier - drums, electronics

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© 2020 by Josephine Nagorsnik
Photocredits: Verena Sala, Timothée Giddey, Viola Gies, Oscar Holliger, Collectif 440 Hz