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Debut LP





CHINZILLA lives in a cave in a hill surrounded by buttons, knobs and faders. That’s where she creates the surreal, half electronic, half acoustic sound cosmos she navigates.

She shouts, sings, squeeks and operates signal flows through pedals and in form of zeroes and ones. A rusty old tube is her close companion, both of them rarely seeing the sun — also because her skin is super sensitive and would burn. She loves the world and its creatures, but is often puzzled by them.

 She needed an outlet for all the confusion and structured it in songs. 

The result is her debut album „Pylon“, out 23.10.23 on Ranunkel Records, also available as an 11 track LP.






07.12.23 vs. EMC Splinter, Fisch und Vogel, Theater am Gleis, Winterthur (CH)
15.02.24 Sherlock Lounge, Meirungen (CH)

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CHINZILLA Josephine Nagorsnik
tb, voc, electronics, concept

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CHINZILLA (solo): booking.chinzilla(at)

CHINZILLA vs. EmC Splinter

Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-18 um


CHINZILLA vs. EmC Splinter: jakob (at) 

CHINZILLA vs. EmC Splinter

Josephine Nagorsnik tb, voc, electronics, concept aka CHINZILLA
Jim Black dr, electronics aka EmC Splinter

Past: Timothée Giddey (E-Bass, Electronics), Baptiste Maier (Drums, Electronics)

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Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-18 um


Past Concerts

Dampfzentrale Bern (CH), El Beledia Burgdorf (CH), Bar59 Luzern (CH), Zosch Berlin (DE), Chekov Cottbus (DE), Auditorium Bern (CH), Jazzfestival Saalfelden (AUT), Handelsbeurs Gent (BE), Stromboli Hall (AUT), Les Digitales Biel (CH), Jazz und Pizza Kirens (CH), Treibhaus Luzern (CH), Jazz Linard Lavin (CH), Kulturbahnhof Ostermundigen (CH), Barbière Bern (CH), Bern (CH), Le dolzze wita Zürich (CH)


Video & Media


"Und Drummer Jim Black unterfütterte als EmC Splinter das wütend energische Poetry-Universum der Diseuse und Posaunistin Josephine Nagorsnik, genannt Chinzilla, mit mächtigem, groovefundiertem Pathos. Das war Punk auf Ebene zwei, ein futuristisches Projekt, das über die pandemische Trance mit exzessivem Intellekt hinwegfegte."
Ralf Dombrowski in der Jazzzeitung ("Das Jazzfestival Saalfelden als Weekender – Durchhaltewillen kann so schön klingen" vom 28.08.2020)


CHINZILLA (solo): booking.chinzilla(at)
CHINZILLA vs. EmC Splinter: jakob (at) 

Photo Credits

Manuel Treffer, Stromboli (Hall)


CHINZILLA is a new electronic dance-project of composer and trombonist Josephine Nagorsnik. Grooves and floating spheres interchange, melt and resemble known sounds, just to drift away again and invite you to a musical journey of the psychedelic kind.

The tracks on the first LP were written and produced over a period of more than ten years. While studying composition and Computermusik, until in 2017, CHINZILLA was formed to put the music live on stage. In the beginning, the line-up involved the tenor-sax player on bass and electronics Timothée Giddey and drummer Baptiste Maier. The decision to go solo again, was due to practical reasons. Instead of having a fixed band, the idea and interest went rather towards a solo-project with featuring of other artists, to be more flexible and discover new aspects of this music.

Since 2020 CHINZILLA was joined for a series of concerts by drummer Jim Black under the name "CHINZILLA vs. EmC Splinter".

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