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Josephine Nagorsnik was born in Berlin in 1990 to a family of musicians, as the child of the singer Claudia-Constanze Nagorsnik and the composer Stephan Winkler, granddaughter of the church musician and KMD i.R. Konrad Winkler and niece of the viola player Jörg Winkler.

By the age of two she started playing piano, followed by guitar, trombone and church organ. Turning twelve, she founded the first band playing compositions by her herself. While living and studying in Canada for a year she discovered the desire to dive into music entirely. She started playing with numerous bands and orchestras, open to all kinds of music.

After graduating with Abitur (High School Diploma) she moved to Switzerland in 2009 to work and start studying at Universität Bern (CH) the year after, from which she graduated with a Bachelor in Musicology/Philosophy in 2013. She continued her practical musical exploration and found bands she could join from all kinds of genres and expand also her technical knowledge, as she became more curious about the use of electronic effects.

In 2013 she started studying Jazz trombone at the Hochschule der Künste (University of the Arts) Bern (CH), from which she graduated with the Bachelor Diploma in 2016. That gifted her a solid practical in theoretical education.

To add to her studies for graduating as Master in Arts in Composition and Arranging at HKB, Bern (CH) she attended classes in Computer Music at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZhdK, Zürich (CH) and studied for one semester at the JIB of the Universität der Künste UdK, Berlin. The final Master-Concert was held with her band CHINZILLA in September 2018. Since then she has been fully into performing and writing music, as well for larger ensembles like a 100-person Cello-Bass-Orchestra in Bern ("Nebelmeer" (2018)) or a School's Orchestra with 50 children in Germany, as well as for her own bands and projects of usually smaller scale.

Freelancing for many years as a musician, playing trombone and sousaphone and as an arranger, she started in 2015 to launch two bands of her own through which she expresses her musical mindset: Polyhedron and CHINZILLA and LAVA BEAM (find links in music section of this page). She is still part of a great number of bands (see the "music" section of this page) and her musical journey has taken her on tours all over europe and also to north africa. She also works as a freelance sound technician in the studio and live and writes articles on music.

During the months of no concerts and the lockdown in Spring 2020, she founded the label "Ranunkel Records", on which she released the first CD with music enterily written by herself. "Uhrenvergleich" is her Debut EP with her band Polyhedron, recorded in decemeber 2019 and released 14.08.2020, also available in most online stores. In 2020 she would have had the first tour with her newly founded international large ensemble "LAVA BEAM". Instead, she remotely recorded with them and made a video with the means available. It has been released on Ranunkel Records in November 2020.

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