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As a fix member or as a substitute, I play in numerous combos and projects. Here is a selection of bands I have performed with in the past:


Django Bates' humanCHain (2016), Jazzorchester der HKB, Bern (CH) ft. Bert Joris, Ryan Truesdell (2016), Jazzorchester der Universität Bern (2015), Uptown Big Band ft. John Aram (2016), Big Sound Orchestra ft. Bert Joris, Big Band des Jazzinstituts der UdK Berlin ft. Conrad Herwig (2019), International Female Musicans Collective IFMC (2017), National Youth Big Band (CH) (2011)

Winnipeg Youth Symphony Orchestra (2007), 1. Brandenburgisches Gardeblasmusikkorps Fürstenwalde (2007), Landesjugendblasorchester Berlin-Brandenburg (2008), Joe's Big Band (2009)

BUMshankar, Myander, Kulturattentat, Monkey Strikes Back, Out Of Nations, Pfandflasche, Pushing Buttons, JJA, Autumn Lift, LABO, The Street Lemon, nowfrago, FBI, Sound On Street, Pichette Klezmer Band, Chris Dubflow, Frauen Jazz Orchester FJO, Uptown Bigband, Blueberry Fix

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