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Experimental Electronic Brokenbeat Jazz

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Upcoming Concerts

15.02.24 Sherlock Lounge, Meiringen (CH)

CHINZILLA lives in a cave in a hill surrounded by buttons, knobs and faders. That’s where she creates the surreal, half electronic, half acoustic sound cosmos she navigates.

She shouts, sings, squeeks and operates signal flows through pedals and in form of zeroes and ones. A rusty old tube is her close companion, both of them rarely seeing the sun — also because her skin is super sensitive and would burn. She loves the world and its creatures, but is often puzzled by them.

 She needed an outlet for all the confusion and structured it in songs. 


Debut album
Release: 2023/10/23
Ranunkel Records

Vinyl-LP and online

Past Concerts

15.02.24 Sherlock Lounge, Meirungen (CH)


Ich bin immer auf der Suche nach neuen, spannenden Möglichkeiten.

+49 (0) 175 456

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